Some random facts about me; I hate to write. I can't spell. I never journal. So, why blog? Well, as many of you know or will soon come to know, my life has taken quite the turn in the past months. My heart is on the mends, although, will never be completely whole again. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to comfort this ache. Over these past months, reading other blogs exclaiming stories about life, death, random facts, daily encounters and simple pleasures, have somehow tended to my aching heart and have allowed me to experience small moments of joy. Blogging has allowed our world to capture a small (although sometimes quite large) glimpse into another ones life, creating a thrill that is addictive and slightly contagious! My blog will hopefully nurture that thrill in hopes to offer you a 'front row seat' into my journey through this crazy experience called, life. Life, in the essence of what gives, breaths and sustains. Maybe my blogging will one day attribute to caring for another ones aching heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011

And 2 became 3...

It is true.  Our little family of 2 is growing into a family of 3!  Baby Bender has been growing in my belly for 13 weeks now.  I have been blogging my daily journey of growing Baby Bender for quite some time now, although, we have been waiting to reveal the entries publicly until we made it through the first few weeks.  Now that I am entering my second trimester, I thought I would reveal the emotions and happenings of our first few days/weeks in finding out about Baby Bender...

September 14, 2011
Today marks the day in which I found out I was becoming a mommy! Seeing the two blue lines reveal themselves on that stick do amazing things to one's heart, soul and mind!  So, of course, I had to take another test to confirm and instantly the word, 'pregant' formed.  Speechless.

Since I was home all by myself, I immediately called my dear friend and told her I was texting her a picture of the test result so she could confirm that I was not 'seeing' things.  She instantly erupted in excitement and confirmed the positive result.  Together we laughed, cried, and squealed with excitement!  She asked if Eric knew and I instantly panicked..."NO! He's in Florida on business! I can't tell Eric over the phone that he's going to be a dad!"  She immediately laughed and said the same thing happened to her and that I was right, I could not reveal this information over the phone to him.. I must simply wait.  

Perfect timing, huh?  

Eric and I just spent a relaxing weekend in Florida together (not realizing there was a little life forming in my belly).  I left him yesterday to fly home and head back to work. Eric is still in Florida and will not be  home until Friday.  It is Wednesday and I have to wait until Friday, how am I going to do this!

Well, my friend (a mother herself) encouraged me to call my doctor as she immediately began calculating my due date.  "40 weeks", I heard her say.  I grabbed my calendar and began flipping through the months...February... March... April.... (my heart skipped a beat)... MAY.  "May what!" I screamed.  "May 20th will be your 40th week",  I heard her say.   

Goose bumps instantly formed on my arms and legs...we were silent. 
May 20th is my sisters birthday. 
I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in God.  And this is just what that is.  This is and has always been a part of His plan... to bring life back into our family the same exact week he brought Katelynn into our world.  Yes, even if He chooses to take this baby home before Eric and I ever have the chance of meeting him/her. 
Of all the weeks I could be due, I am due my sisters birthday week, oh what a special special gift to my family and I.

*For all of the mothers out there, I know, I know, I know, I may go weeks early or weeks late, but for now I am relishing in the joy of knowing this baby may enter our world on or around the same day my dear sister did...

September 16, 2011
Today Eric comes home and I can finally reveal the secret that has been burning within me for the past 48hrs.  I pick him up from the airport at 8pm tonight and his one request is to go downtown and grab dessert from one of our favorite restaurants, Distrito.  So, this is what I intend to have our server bring for Eric as dessert...

September 17, 2011
Surreal, was the best word Eric used to describe how he was feeling after receiving his 'dessert' last night.  Yes, those are 'deer in headlight' eyes as well as exhaustion and fatigue after a week long business trip... perfect time to find out you're going to be a daddy, huh?! :) 

September 27
And the sickness has begun. Here we go...

September 30
I came home from work to find these today :)

October 17
Today we saw the first glimpse of our baby.  Our 8 week ultrasound revealed a healthy and growing baby bender.  Measuring at just 1cm with a due date of May 22.  Oh my oh my, is this for real!?  

October 29
Growing a human life is hard work.  I do not know if I was fully prepared for all of the changes that do in fact begin occurring (almost immediately) to your body. Oh nausea, we are not friends, please go away just as fast as you came.  I will spare you the details and I am desperately biting my tongue so as not to complain, because after all, this is a GIFT.... so I will simply say once more, this is HARD work. 

November 14
And today we heard the heartbeat!  oh how crazy this whole thing is.  Is there really a life growing within me?  Oh the miracle that this is.