Some random facts about me; I hate to write. I can't spell. I never journal. So, why blog? Well, as many of you know or will soon come to know, my life has taken quite the turn in the past months. My heart is on the mends, although, will never be completely whole again. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to comfort this ache. Over these past months, reading other blogs exclaiming stories about life, death, random facts, daily encounters and simple pleasures, have somehow tended to my aching heart and have allowed me to experience small moments of joy. Blogging has allowed our world to capture a small (although sometimes quite large) glimpse into another ones life, creating a thrill that is addictive and slightly contagious! My blog will hopefully nurture that thrill in hopes to offer you a 'front row seat' into my journey through this crazy experience called, life. Life, in the essence of what gives, breaths and sustains. Maybe my blogging will one day attribute to caring for another ones aching heart.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

check Babymoon off the list!

We listened and obeyed.  All of the websites suggested it, our friends recommended it.   There really was no major convincing needed in order to get Eric and I to book a much needed getaway to a warm and sunny beach mid January. 

Sure, we'll call it our 'babymoon', but I must admit, had there not be a child growing within my womb, we still very well may have found ourselves escaping to some warmer weather!

So, last Friday we found ourselves on a plane flying directly to Cancun, Mexico.  
Worth. Every. Penny.

 View from our room

I could get used to waking up to this

Just grazing the resort grounds

 Gardens in the lobby

 The mile long pool

 lunch on the beach, yes please.

 love me some mexican dinner

The water was a bit wild, but so beautiful

My little fish, waves don't scare him (they scare me)

While eric swam I did this

Baby girl B is destined to be a beach lover just like her mama

Sunset in Cancun. Gorgeous.

Loved the resort design

Farewell Cancun...

Christmas came and went

It's hard to believe Christmas was almost a month ago!  For Eric and I it was mostly spent wrapped up in a blanket with a tissue box not far... yes we were both plagued with that nasty head cold.  Yet, sickness did not stop us from truly celebrating what mattered.  

Gifts, really, are no longer a focus for Eric and I at Christmas.  Ever since my sister passed, the thought of buying and spending tons of $ on 'things' miraculously lost it's appeal.  Just another one of those 'enlightening' that came out of a horrible tragedy (I could speak more on that later).  What matters most to us are relationships.  So, we intentionally spent the week between Christmas and New Years focusing on different relationships in our lives.  We spent time with both our families, old friends, past young life kids, and one another.  

Here is a glimpse from our week...

Christmas morning

 Christmas Day at Aunt Joanne's

Christmas with the Benders

This little gem came to visit, baby Lydia!

 Friends since high school, college roomates and now a beautiful mother, I love you Katie

Can't get enough of those cheeks

Lydia was the perfect model for my new baby headband design :)

such a cutie

And then the ol' gang stopped by...

Love. These. Boys.

It's a...

Baby Girl!

One of the best 'gifts' Eric and I received this Christmas was the news that baby bender is a little girl.  It was so fun to find out just 2 days before Christmas and surprise our families with a picture revealing her gender (BIG thanks to Cait and Jeff Jenson at, Jenson Photography).

It was during my 20 week ultrasound where Eric and I saw baby girl's growing body, kicking, punching and even opening and closing her tiny mouth.  Yet, the best part of the appointment was when the technician was measuring her tiny bones to reveal a more accurate due date.  As she was measuring she asked for my estimated due date given by my OB, (which was May 23rd) she then she explained that I was measuring a few days ahead and given a new due date of... May 20th.  My sisters actual day of birth!  Eric and I instantly looked at one another and said, this has to be a girl. 

 And sure enough, it was.  Coincidence, I think not.  God's timing and perfect plan to bring a new little girl into our family, YES.  Again, I know this baby may not show on that very day, but I still consider it an incredibly special gift to be carrying a baby that is due to arrive on the same day that my little sister did.  Katelynn would be over the moon with this news.

We had a blast doing this photo shoot, The Jenson's are so creative and created the perfect setting to reveal baby girl bender!

May can not come soon enough!