Some random facts about me; I hate to write. I can't spell. I never journal. So, why blog? Well, as many of you know or will soon come to know, my life has taken quite the turn in the past months. My heart is on the mends, although, will never be completely whole again. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to comfort this ache. Over these past months, reading other blogs exclaiming stories about life, death, random facts, daily encounters and simple pleasures, have somehow tended to my aching heart and have allowed me to experience small moments of joy. Blogging has allowed our world to capture a small (although sometimes quite large) glimpse into another ones life, creating a thrill that is addictive and slightly contagious! My blog will hopefully nurture that thrill in hopes to offer you a 'front row seat' into my journey through this crazy experience called, life. Life, in the essence of what gives, breaths and sustains. Maybe my blogging will one day attribute to caring for another ones aching heart.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Growing Belly

It is hard to believe I am in the home stretch, baby is due the end of next week and we couldn't be more excited to meet her! Will she have hair? Will she be an 8lb'er like Eric and I were?  Will she be early or late? And Eric's most recent question... "Is 'she' definitely a she!?" (not funny Eric, 'her' closet is full of girl clothes)  Ahhh, so many unknowns...truly testing my patience and my ability to be flexible. 

My family currently has a guesstimate game going on as to when baby girl will make her arrival.  She is due May 20, although her original due date was the 22.  So far, I am MOST in favor of my husbands guess, May 17th and least in favor of my brothers guess, May 27th (very funny Justin).  So, we shall see who comes the closest! 

 At this point, I am trying to keep my focus less on the 'when' and more on the now.  Eric and I have been trying to fit in as many last minute dates as we can (knowing that we WILL still have dates in our future, just maybe not the 'near future'), in fact, yesterday we found ourselves out to one of our favorite breakfast spots, The Classic Diner AND again out to a yummy dinner spot, Bonefish Grill, never would we go out to eat twice in one day!  I am so thankful for the pre-kid memories we have made over the past 2 years of being married.  Over dinner last night we were reflecting on all we have done together and naturally found ourselves making a new list of things we want to do with baby girl this summer.  We both found ourselves beaming with excitement as we wrote w/baby after each event. 

We know our lives are about to change, and we realize it may be rough and feel un-natural at first, but ultimately we know we were made for this.