Some random facts about me; I hate to write. I can't spell. I never journal. So, why blog? Well, as many of you know or will soon come to know, my life has taken quite the turn in the past months. My heart is on the mends, although, will never be completely whole again. Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to comfort this ache. Over these past months, reading other blogs exclaiming stories about life, death, random facts, daily encounters and simple pleasures, have somehow tended to my aching heart and have allowed me to experience small moments of joy. Blogging has allowed our world to capture a small (although sometimes quite large) glimpse into another ones life, creating a thrill that is addictive and slightly contagious! My blog will hopefully nurture that thrill in hopes to offer you a 'front row seat' into my journey through this crazy experience called, life. Life, in the essence of what gives, breaths and sustains. Maybe my blogging will one day attribute to caring for another ones aching heart.

Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Months

Oh Jude, what a month it has been.  You caught the stomach bug (so sad) and passed it along to your sister and I (no fun).  You also battled a cold as well as on-going teething.  So, little sleep was had by all to say the least.  Over the past few days it seems everyone is better and sleep is slowly being restored to us all.  The past month brought more crawling, pulling up and now you are officially cruising.  You are eating like a champ, mostly table food with still some puree's.  Although, while you were sick you did not eat much so you dropped some weight.  You are officially weighing in at 19.10lbs.  Still NO TEETH.  Oh where oh where are those teeth!  You're hair is growing like a weed and seems to be staying that lovely auburn shade.  You take 2 naps a day, usually a shorter morning one and a longer afternoon nap along with your sister.  You have started saying Da da as well as letting us know when you want something with a high pitched scream.  You wave hello, play 'shy' and light us up with your huge smile.   Mommy had to set up the pack n play to contain you downstairs.  You are into everything, wires, outlets and pulling up on the cabinets/chairs remain your favorite activities.  The bond that is forming between you and your sister continues to melt me.  I think the past month has been the biggest change I have seen thus far.  You both wake up looking for the other.  Sydney is constantly keeping tabs on you, calling you 'JudeBear' all day long. :)  Just the other day, Sydney said she loved you as you and her were playing together in the playroom.  Oh, how I pray you two will become the best of friends.   I am still breastfeeding you, usually 4-5 times a day.   Hoping to start weening you over the next 2 months.  Jude, you have rocked our world and we wouldn't have it any other way.  We love you.

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